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Amidst the hustle bustle of Vijayawada city there lies this testimony of the golden bygone era - the Mogalrajapuram caves. Mogalrajapuram Caves are two caves situated in the heart of Vijayawada at Kasturibaipet that have been standing strong surviving the rampage of time and people. Carved into a low hillock about 10 feet in height, these caves are supposed to belong to 5th century. 

Not many locals find interest in visiting this place but it surely draws lot of tourists from most of the parts of Andhra Pradesh. You can find a treasure of interesting carvings and sculptures in the Mogalrajapuram caves

Mogalrajapuram was basically was a small village which now became a part of the growing city of Vijayawada. There village was once covered with many hills in which there were fives caves of great architectural value. There were three cave temples of which only one survives the rampage of time. The appearance of the caves at Mogalrajapuram resembles the Undavalli caves in Undavalli village, Guntur District. Both these caves are attributed to Visnukundins i.e. to the period of AD 500 and 600. The similarity in these caves lies much in the sculptures where you can see a blend of Saivism and Vaishavism cults. Mogalrajapuram caves are known for its sculptural beauty and one just wonders at the patience of the artisans in whose work you can see the fineness and intricate workmanship. You can see the idols of Lord Nataraja (dancing form of Lord Shiva), Vinayaka and Lord Ardhanareshwara in these caves that are one of its kinds in the entire south India. 

Mogalrajapuram caves are situated in the centre of the city at Kasturibhaipet close to VINS Hospital. Any local transport- auto-rickshaw or buses, can take you to this legendary caves of Mogalrajapuram.

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