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Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park, Tirupati: Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park was started in 1987 and is one of the three zoological parks maintained by the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department. This park is spread in an area of 5500 acres and is one of such themed parks in the entire nation whose theme is based on the Mythology and the Indian epics. The Zoo management very strongly believe that "I am the eternal seed of all creation" which means that God exists in all forms and follow this as can be see from the Quote at the entrance of the Zoo.

The Dasavathara of the Indian Mythology welcome you into the Zoo.

The zoo is divided into many sections and is named distinctly again on the names of the mythological figures;

Angadha dweepam - The Stumptailed macaque enclosure.

Nala - Neela dweepam - The  Baboon enclosure. 

Bhagela vanam - The Leopard enclosure.

Vruka vanam - The wolf enclosure.

Karataka vanam - The fox enclosure.

Shunaka vanam - The wild-dog enclosure.

Damanaka vanam The fox enclosure.

Dandaka aranya - The Hyena enclosure.

Karataka vanam - The fox enclosure.

Mruga vanam - The Chowsinga or the deer enclosure.

Grasamruga vanam - The Chinkara enclosure.

Krishnamruga vanam - The Blackbuck enclosure. This is the Sanskrit term for the Blackbuck.

Kanithi vanam - The Sambar enclosure.

Mareecha vanam - The spotted deer enclosure.

Gokulam - The Blue bull or the Nilgai enclosure.

Airavatha vanam - The elephant enclosure named after the mythical white elephant called Airavatha that is the mount of Indra.

Karthikeya vanam - The Peacock enclosure in the zoo, after the God Karthikeya.

Kalindi Sarovar - The Spotted billed Pelican enclosure.

Padmakheli sarovar - The White necked stork enclosure.

Manasa sarovar - water birds enclosure named after the lake in the Himalayas which has been mentioned often in our ancient epics.

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