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Srikakulam, Srimukhalingeswara Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the left banks of River Vamsadhara. Elegantly carved, this temple is a group of three temples dedicated to three forms of Lord Shiva namely, Mukhalingeswara, Bhimeswara and Someswara. The temple is built in Indo-Aryan style. To witness one of the marvellous sculptures, carvings and intricate architecture, one has to visit this temple. The architecture of the temple is so elegant that one just cannot move eyes from it. As you observe closely, you can see that every piece and corner of the temple is as excellent as the other. 

At the entrance, which is a huge arched gate, you are welcomed by two lions on each side of the few stair-cases. The first gate takes you to the outer prakara have where there is you a Nandi in a mandapam. A more intricately carved gate with figures of Gods and Goddesses takes you to the inner prakara (compound wall) where stands one of the master pieces of those times, the temple of Mukhalingeswara. At every corner of the inner prakara, there are many small temples, some dedicated to Lord Shiva (in the form of Someshwara and Bhimeswara) and Lord Ganesha. As you enter the temple, in the inner compound, there are two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, one at your right and the other at your left. In the centre stands the fantastic finely carved temple. The walls of the temple in the centre have images of Gods and Goddesses in their various avatar (forms). You can see images of Lord Shiva with His consort, some of them are forms of Lord Vishnu on them. Every image depicts a story from the Shiva Purana.


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Srimukhalingam Temple Reviews and Comments
i like the temple earlier in 1985 i visited this village.... added by   prakash.p on Sep 24 2013
very historical temple... added by   ravi and friends on Sep 6 2013
i like the temple and atmospere ... added by   rohini on Aug 14 2013
yeah, it's one of the historial places in our srikakulam district..The temple is looking very nice. It gives enchantment to our heart..This temple needs a more improvement. Govt should have to provide funds inorder to improve more....... added by   Benarjee on Jun 2 2013
a very good experience. Annadanam by the temple authorities is appreciable .government should provide them funds. This temple should be listed as one of the worth seeing places in andhra pradesh... added by   Anil kumar on Jun 2 2013
Srimukhalingam is a Uttarakashi, There was so many shiv ling available. Less than one one crore shiv ling available here. This temple available near Vamshadhara river. Every one should visit this place. There are so many buses is there. If you want to go to Srimukhalingam, buses available from Narasannapeta, Srikakulam, Tekkali, Palasa & Saravakota. Magguru Bangarubabu Hyderabad Phone - 9866222535... added by   Bangarubabu Magguru on Dec 11 2012
very good place... added by   gudiya.eswara rao on Feb 20 2012
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