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Nagarjuna Konda, situated amidst the vast Nagarjuna Sagar Lake, derives its name again from Acharya Nagarjuna. Konda is the Telugu word for hill .

There is an Archaeological Museum that houses the remnants of rich bygone era and all the Buddhist findings unearthed in this region. The museum is constructed in the shape of a monastery or a "Vihara". There are models of "Aswamedha altar", Royal Bath Ghats (some of them reconstructed) where you can spend some good time near the water. The greenery and tranquillity of the place is a real treat all along your trip to Nagarjuna Sagar.

The collection in the museum is of great historical significance. Some of them are the great Stupa, which belong to the class of uncased Stupa (the brickwork was plastered and the Stupa was decorated by large garland ornament). It is said that Chamtisiri, the Ikshvaku princess renovated the original Stupa in 3rd century.

The museum houses relics from Stone Age to Medieval Age with beautiful stone sculptures, inscriptions, picks, hammers, spears relic caskets, jewels, library and articles from Palaeolithic and Neolithic Era. A small tooth and an ear-ring believed to be of Buddha and the coins and coin moulds of the Satavahana period are also on display. There are sculptures of large and attractive women apart from the Jataka stories on the large slabs. A partly ruined monolithic statue of Buddha is the centre of attraction of the museum.

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