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The State Assembly building is one of the prominent monuments adorning the city of Hyderabad from the Nizam s era. This striking complex has been used as an Assembly building from a long time. The architecture of the building reflects the blend of Rajasthani and Persian architecture. There are two complexes - the Old Assembly Building and the New Assembly Building. The old assembly building was actually the Town Hall of Hyderabad State while the foundation stone of the new assembly building, adjacent to it, was laid during the time of then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. M Chenna Reddy. It was his idea to shift the Legislative assembly to its present location. The new assembly building was designed similar to the older one in order to carry the tradition.

The entrance of the complex is impressive and is marked by beautiful garden and fountains. During night times the building appears so beautiful for it is illuminated with colourful lights. Due to security reasons you will not be allowed inside the building but when you pass from that road, you just cannot stop turning your head to get the glimpse of this spectacular building.

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