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This fort is strategically located over the top of a small hill about 183m high. The strong walls stand erect to the southern side of the fort, enclosing the hill. There is also a ditch surrounding the fort so as to prevent any intruder from entering in. The remains of the lower fort contain two palaces, the lower portion of which is built in stone and the upper with bricks. This lighting system makes the fort look even more beautiful and is eye-catching during night time. The modern town of Chandragiri lies to the east of the hill on which the fort stands. 

There are two buildings called as Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal. The main building is called as Raja Mahal, which is an impressive majestic three storied structure with arched facade, crowned with Hindu style of architecture. This majestic building in the fort premises, with colourful lighting, enhances the beauty of this place. It stands as an excellent example of the Indo-Saracenic architecture. The central durbar occupies two storeys that are crowned by Dravida-Vimana. The roofs are supported by massive pillars in groups carrying cross arches with strong square ceilings, which are decorated with stucco figurines. The entire fort is constructed using stone and brick in mortar and is well plastered. The entrance of this Mahal faces the hill on the north while the balconies and windows on the south overlooking the extensive grounds where perhaps the troops paraded. As you explore more and more, you ll discover and feel the royal lifestyle of our kings in the past. 

The Rani Mahal or the Queen s palace is built in similar style with the ground floor resembling a stable and the first floor having quarters or rooms to stay. These quarters have attractive shikharas (towers) with flat roofs. People say that this palace was for the queens but on contrary, the epigraphs say that this place was commander s quarters. This seems more obvious as the palace has a stable in its basement.

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