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Jwala Narasimha Temple lies on a hill called Achalachalaya Meru in Ahobilam. The God is seen with eight hands, two of them tearing apart Hiranyakashipu on His lap, two of them holding the demon’s legs and head, two of the hands are seen holding the intestines of Hiranyakashipu like a garland around His neck. The other two hands hold Shanka and Chakra. There is a Gadapam (entrance of the doorway) in the place where Lord Narasimha sat and killed Hiranyakashipu. You can also see an idol of Garudamanthudu (Garuda, eagle which is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu) just below the Gadapam who sits there to avoid the blood from falling on the ground.

After tearing Hiranyakashipu, Lord Narasimha wanted to wash his blood-stained hands so he dug out the earth from where water sprang out. This small water spot is just outside the temple in a cave like opening and the water is red with some red strains on the rocks. When you take the water into your hands, it appears crystal clear. It is said that after Hiranyakashipu died, his soul asked Lord Brahma as to who was the one who killed him even after he was blessed with a unique death. It was then that Lord Narasimha took His original form of Lord Maha Vishnu whose swayambhu idol is seen in the temple. Another idol of Lord Narasimha chasing Hiranyakashipu and the one from where Lord Narasimha appeared tearing the pillar is also found in this temple, all of which are said to be swayambhu.

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